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man this pice is amazing its the best i have ever seen of the counter strike section ist amazing lol i play this game alot and love it and this is jsut out standing great job make another one soon :)


man thos drawlings were amazing and hw u made it look soo real it was all amazing by far it was the best video i have seen on new gorunds its at number 1 on fav summison and your auther is at number 1 man this took me right out of my seat it was amazing keep it up i wanna see more :)

hahaha very well done

Man i really liked this alot and the woices made it 10% better lol loved it your should keep makeing theas chars they r really cool :) nice job ( make it longer next time :)

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ncie :)

loved this alot but my song wasent in this one ;( but who cares its still amazing and i cant wait tll next one if u are going to make a new 1 :)


i liked it alot but it would be better if u added blod when u shot em and a lillte better efort.


weird but its like the last pice of cake cuz she pulls out a gun

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Wow man nice job I m jsut starting up on the trance/rave music two... I like the whole beat thing and its really good for first song.

And i like how you toom put beats at sum parts and the drum build up ! is very nice.

Maybe we can do a collab some time.

again ncie job 5/5 10/10 perfect A+ .... and the funny thing is its not really that much into it but its sounds great!

Agent-47 responds:

Yeah thanks... but how would the collab work?? like yeah i duno but yeah thanks alot man And your music is great 2 man :P keep it up!!


Man you have become what I visioned Your the best in this portal man you got the best beat but i found this was a bit to loud when it was like... bang!! but it was good man it was good!

Ps. check out my song! i finally made another goth lol.

digital-musician responds:

hey thanks man
i got another 2 comin

keep up the support
pyrochickendj RULES!!!!!!


Alex my man this is the best song you have made ever like this is amazing i m talking amazing like holly shit can your say gold record or even more like this is off the walla its so good :) keep this fucking going and when you get back from tronto we r makeing sum music.

PyrochickenX responds:

haha thanx man, for sure tho we gonna kill it with our songs man

check out my music at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=1388914&sub=40999 very very good :)

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